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Quality Confidential Christian Therapy for Adults

Divine Therapy offers quality confidential Christian Therapy for adults. If you are looking for effective therapy methods combined with Christian values, we can help. We can help with many issues including the following:

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The first sign of depression is simply feeling depressed, blue, and down. The second sign is not wanting to do anything. Other signs are problems with concentrating, not enjoying activities that used to give you pleasure, isolation, and fatigue. People often have problems getting out of bed, taking care of their daily routine, or going to work. They may also struggle with either increased or decreased appetite, as well as sleeping too much or too little. Sometimes it gets so bad that people begin to wish they weren’t here, or think others would be better off without them. Occasionally, someone just wants everything to stop and starts trying to find a way to accomplish this. If you see any of these signs in yourself, it’s time to get help. Depression is treatable and I know how to help.

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Anxiety, Panic, and Stress Management

Stress can be both good and bad. A low level of stress can motivate us get up in the morning and go to work. But too much stress can be overwhelming. Anxiety symptoms, such as: headaches, muscle tension, sleep problems, and nervousness can happen to anyone. Anxiety is a state of apprehension, uncertainty and fear resulting from anticipation of a real or imaged threat. Some people have panic attacks. These may be feelings of impending doom, rapid heartbeat, sweating, feeling like you are about to lose control, a sudden and strong urge to escape, and feeling like the walls are about to close in. I specialize in helping people with anxiety. I train people to use both their mind and body to manage anxiety and stress so that they can feel more comfortable in crowds, meet the challenges of their work and home life, and fulfill their dreams. Just let me know how I can help.

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Healing from Abuse and PTSD

I know there is healing from traumatic life events. PTSD may happen after experiencing a life or death situation or being near someone who did.  You might struggle with guilt that you should have done something differently. You have memories (pop ups) that intrude, nightmares, and feel like it’s happening all over again.  You are on guard all the time. You have trouble sleeping because you can’t watch for danger and sleep at the same time.  Most of all, you try to avoid thinking about or being reminded of what happened.  I can guide you to recovery, so that you can live a productive life, connect with the people you love, and have the courage to be vulnerable. I will help you process the horrific events that happened, so it becomes a memory instead of a trigger. I know you don’t want to talk about it, but you’ll do it because you want to get better.  In my office, I’ll do my very best to make a safe place for you to share what happened.  When you’re ready, I’ll listen.

There is a way to bring peace and calm to your innermost being. There is help and there is hope for your feelings of anger, hurt, confusion, shame, anxiety, depression, and disappointment. I can help you find solutions to your most overwhelming problems. So, if you are tired of feeling the way you do, I invite you to contact me so I can share how therapy can help improve your situation.

At Divine Therapy, I am committed to God’s Divine Intervention in your life!.

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