Individual Therapy Insurance

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Divine Therapy accepts the following insurance plans:

  • Blue Cross, Blue Shield
  • Anthem
  • Health Advantage
  • Blue Care Network

Many people come to therapy for personal growth and to be proactive about their mental health.  Most don’t know in order for insurance to pay for therapy you must be given a diagnosable mental health disorder.  Insurance companies will not pay for therapy unless there is a mental health disorder code on the receipt/bill. This is extremely unfortunate because many people come to therapy to improve their lives and to work on something they are struggling with, and that absolutely doesn’t mean they are mentally ill.

Yet, in the eyes of insurance companies, in order for them to consider payment, therapy recipients must have a diagnosed mental health disorder. This concerns some people because once that code is assigned to you within your health insurance record, it never goes away. For every future insurance application (life, disability, medical) form you fill out, you may need to list that you were treated for a mental health disorder.

If you want to use your insurance to help cover the costs of your therapy sessions, we will discuss if your symptoms meet the criteria for a mental health disorder and if the diagnosis is appropriate. You will need to agree to it and then make the final decision if you want to report that information. I don’t believe labeling is always helpful or necessary, but I do understand sometimes people need the financial assistance from their health insurance provider to help cover the costs of therapy.

Couples Therapy Insurance

Let’s be honest.

We all pay a great deal for health insurance, and we all want our insurance providers to cover the maximum amount of services that we are entitled to. However, it is important for those seeking couples therapy to understand what their insurance actually covers, and what it does not.

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Does Insurance pay for couples therapy? Probably not.

The question is a good one, and I’ll walk you through how to find out, and how NOT to be stuck with a bill you didn’t anticipate. But it’s a long and twisted tale, so hang on…

Many clients are surprised to learn that they were given a mental illness diagnosis. They went for help for their marriage, and did not consider themselves mentally ill.

Accepting a diagnosis of a mental disorder should be taken seriously. And you should know when you are given one. Couples therapy isn’t individual treatment with two people. It’s different. Couples therapy treats couples for relationship problems. It doesn’t label one of you as “the problem,” even though each of you may have problems of your own. It treats you as a dynamic “system” that needs to be worked on in order to work more effectively.

There are two simple things you must understand about insurance and couples therapy: First, your therapist is ethically and legally required to provide accurate information to your insurance company for the services they are providing. Second, Health Insurance reimburses a therapist only for the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.

It is all about your DIAGNOSIS

Insurance companies, by and large, do not cover the cost of couples therapy. And they are increasingly clamping down on therapists who claim to practice couples therapy, while billing your insurance company as if they are treating one of you as an individual, not part of a couple.

If your insurance provider finds this kind of insurance misuse, it might be months before they retroactively refuse to pay for sessions they inadvertently ALREADY paid for. That means they might pay the claim today, but demand payment from the therapist tomorrow. It is called a “claw back,” and it happens routinely.

And there you are…

Whether Your Insurance Pays or Not, You are Still Liable.

For this reason, most therapists have clients sign a document indicating that if an insurance claim is denied, the client is still responsible for payment.

Couples therapy is a proactive decision to improve your marriage, help stop the slide towards distance or divorce, and a choice to build improved relationships that impact the entire family. It is vital for couples to take responsibility for their relationship life.

Therapy is an investment, especially when you aren’t able to use insurance. Just so you know, I accept cash, check, and major credit cards. You may also use your HSA flexible spending dollars or medical savings account.

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