Divine Therapy is a Mask Free Zone.

Come in and take off your mask. And no, I’m not talking about your COVID mask. I am talking about THE mask. You know the one. The one you wear when you don’t want your congregants and colleagues to see you are having a personal struggle. I know all about that mask.

When I began to dream about opening my own practice, my first prayer was that it would be a place of healing for hurting ministry families. I know you live under the unspoken pressure you to always set the Godly example, and the accompanying guilt that makes you feel like an imposter when you minister under those circumstances. This understanding brought about the desire to create a place where you could talk freely about the hard parts of life, and have those words heard without judgement.

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Divine Therapy Is A Place of Refuge

I only have one rule: Perfection is not allowed here. I am not without flaws, so I do not expect perfection from you either. What you will get in return is my personal and professional guarantee that what we talk about in this place, stays here. I won’t tell anyone, not just because I am bound legally, (which I am) but because I want Divine Therapy to continue to fulfill its calling to be that place of refuge for you.

Everyone needs a safe place to talk about the stresses of life, and ministers are not exempt from that need. So, you can tell me about the defeat you felt over the last staff meeting, or when you find drugs in your teenagers’ room, when you are heartbroken from the pain of betrayal by someone unexpected – even if that person turns out to be your spouse and you find yourself walking though the challenges of infidelity in your own marriage. Sometimes I will have answers, sometimes the best thing I can do is to simply walk you through it because there are no easy answers, but every time I will listen and pray.

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