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Coming to therapy is not a sign your relationship is coming to an end.

Many clients feel that coming to couples counseling is a sign that their relationship is failing. This simply isn’t true! The strongest, most resilient couples invest in therapy early on in their relationship and continue whenever they hit the inevitable bumps in the road. We recommend scheduling an appointment for couples therapy as soon as you notice problems in your relationship.

Relationships are hard for all of us. We crave connection and intimacy with others, but struggle to maintain fulfilling relationships over time. In the beginning, our intimate relationships are filled with romance, desire, and love, but as time goes on, we begin to experience conflict, disconnection, and disappointment. Why does something that once felt great now feel so painful? We feel like it should not be this hard and often ask ourselves if the relationship that was once filled with love and joy is really meant to be. Can you relate to this experience? If so, rest assured that Couples Therapy can help you develop the passion and intimacy you desire.

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Consider This…

You’ve likely put your heart and soul into your relationship. If you’re on this site looking for help, it probably means that things aren’t going the way you’d like. Divine Therapy offers substantial academic background, extensive post-graduate training, many years of experience, and a passion for working with couples.

It is entirely possible that you will find less expensive services.
It’s unlikely you will find better…

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Think About It…

What is your relationship worth? Many people question whether they can afford Marriage Counseling, yet they spend money on other materialistic things. While there is nothing wrong with that, Couples Therapy is investing in yourselves and your future. It’s saying “We’re worth it!”

The average duration of therapy is 12 sessions. Couples who invest $2000- $4000 are usually able to save their marriage. The typical cost of a divorce is between $15,000 and $30,000 with attorneys charging $250-$450 per hour. It’s possible your marriage could be saved, and a lot of collateral damage avoided, by spending a fraction of what one would spend on a divorce.

Ask Yourself…

Is my marriage worth a $2000 investment?
If your answer is, “No” you should probably rethink remaining in it.

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One More Thought. A Story…

The famous painter, Pablo Picasso, went to a park one day to sketch. While there, a woman recognized him, gathered the courage to introduce herself and took the step of asking him to sketch her. Picasso flipped his pad to a new page, looked at her for a bit and with a single stroke of his pen he sketched a picture of her. She looked at it and was amazed at how accurately it captured her essence and asked how much he wanted for it. He said, $5,000.00. She recoiled and with some outrage asked him how he could charge that much for a drawing that took ten seconds and was a single line on a page. He responded by saying, “Madam, it took me my entire life to create this sketch.”

When we sit across from a couple, we bring years of experience to that brief encounter. When we charge for our services, we are not charging for the hour of our time so much as we are charging for the years of personal and professional experience that come with us into that meeting.

If you are looking for someone who can understand what you are experiencing, and support and guide you through a process that works, then you’ve landed on the right website. So set up a free 20 minute confidential consultation or send me an email. I love what I do, and I love working with people like you who want to save their marriage.
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