Julie Fant therapist

Julie Fant, LCSW

Hi, I’m Julie.

My highest priority is your emotional and mental health. I strive to make you feel safe and comfortable, and I strongly believe that to be effective in what I do, there has to be a connection with my clients.

I specialize in Couples, Trauma, and Biblically integrative therapy. It is my desire to provide hope, healing and practical advice within a biblical framework using sound therapeutic techniques. I recognize that the spiritual aspects of therapy are just as important as addressing the physical, mental, and emotional issues.

I’ve spent most of the last twenty years working in the community mental health setting where I gained valuable experience helping people with severe depression, trauma, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar/manic-depression, and other serious mental illnesses. I’ve worked with people who have multiple problems and women who are survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. I’m also passionate about working with couples seeking help to strengthen their marriages and families. I have been married for over twenty years and have two children; therefore, I understand the personal struggles that occur within a marriage and family unit.

My desire is to help marriage partners rebuild their relationship and find freedom through healing the wounds of the past, stimulating emotional growth, and equipping them to make better life choices. Ready to see if my confidential therapy services are right for you?

Nicki Kinley therapist

Nicki Kinley, LCSW

Nicki joined Divine Therapy, LLC in 2019. She specializes in working with children who struggle with ADHD, Behavioral issues, Anxiety, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, OCD, attachment/adjustment issues, and trauma responses.

She is especially passionate about helping those adoptive and foster families build stronger connections in their home. As an adoptive parent and psychotherapist, she understands and respects both the pressures involved in building a family, coupled with the unique gifts and learning experiences that the adoption dynamic brings.

Not only does she work with children, but is happy to work with adults with similar struggles. Best of all, she believes God has called her to bring healing and restoration to lives of others.

Nicki takes BCBS, Health Advantage, Anthem, and private pay clients.

Please reach out to our team at 501-213-1077 to schedule an appointment today.

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